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Project Description:

 Greenpoint Canyon is a group project for a retirement home that is designed to be an inclusive, aesthetically pleasing and comforting space. Located in Phoenix, Arizona this sustainably designed home has the sense of indoor-outdoor living, organic and natural colors, and it will have plenty of natural daylight and cooling abilities. The home will be in a community that is all across universal and ADA compliant and will be in close proximity shops and restaurants. A space to have gatherings and a centrally located caretaker station available to all who live in this community. This space is to serve the purpose of being universally designed and suitable for everyday tasks and having ample circulation space for a wheelchair while not looking like a room in a hospital. The principles of Universal Design are to make a space easily accessible, simple use and overall fair to all users. Additionally, the home includes a bonus room that is to be used as a treatment room for the husband and wife. 

Rendered Site Plan

Rendered Site Plan

*rendered site plan done by me

Rendered Floor Plan

Rendered Floor Plan

*rendered floor plan done by me

kitchen view 2.0 rendered jpg.jpg
kitchen view to dining room.jpg

Kitchen Perspectives

One of the key spaces of the house, and one of the largest spaces at 413 square feet is the kitchen. Located at the back of the house with easy access points. A window can be seen on the exterior wall and that is direct access to the outdoor kitchen area. Both faucets are in matte black finish and touchless with a simple tap for a temperature change. White cabinets line the perpendicular walls, with long vertical black handles. Roll-in induction stove top, with dial knobs for temperature changes. Located above is the Bluetooth hood, that connects to the stove to be turned on and off. 9” toe kick all around with center island at 34” AFF, with roll-in sink that meet ADA standards. Sustainable Cambria quartz countertops throughout, with subtle touches of gold and black to match that of the backsplash. The Spanish inspired tile has a modern touch with organic shapes and colors. Simple black pendants over the island to give some task lighting. Wheelchair access to island seating as well. 

Living Room rendered jpg.jpg
living room to kitchen rendered jpg.jpg

Living Room Perspectives

The living room is directly open to the outdoor area with easily accessible automatic sliding doors. Custom wall built-in’s can be seen perpendicular to that. Including a 9” toe kick and 34” AFF built in glass doored shelfing. In the center of the wall is an electric fireplace which is accessible to all with tv located above mantle. Faux wood beams run vertically on the ceiling with the recessed downlighting throughout space for ample amount of light and clarity to be seen. The colors of the space are shown through the organically patterned copper toned area rug, which ties into the kitchen backsplash color. The chaise lounge offers enough space for a wheelchair to approach and to be seated on, as well as the leather side chair, which is another option. The coffee table is universal for having 3 different heights and can have 3 different purposes. Overall, the space is simply designed for the functionality needed and to increase use to all. 

Master Bedroom View rendered jpg.jpg

*rendered elevations done by me

Master Bedroom Perspective

Stepping into the master bedroom, this space is meant to be calming, and there are black trimmed floor to ceiling windows that allow ample amount of daylight in the space. The focal wall is dusted copper color with a hexagon shaped trim. The bed frame is simple and low to the ground, for easy access for all parties. Floating shelves act as nightstands and allow for more circulation space in the room. Wall sconces help balance the wall and allow for task lighting near bed. Behind the focal wall is the custom-built closet system, with his and her side. On his side, is a lowered version, and more in the reaching distances. Her side is normal height and up opening drawer’s access. There is also a 9” toe kick for wheelchair size and approach to closet. The windows look out onto a green area that can be accessed through the treatment room. Throughout the main living area and bedrooms are sustainable veneer engineered wood, that is able to help with clarity and is non-slip. 

Treatment Room rendered jpg.jpg

Treatment Room Perspective

This space is meant as an escape for the clients, it is a place that can be used universally. For a nurse or therapist to help the client in a wheelchair, and it can be a space for yoga. Storage and wall shelving can be seen one side and on the other is a biophilic wall. Faux plants line the wall with a centered faux water feature. This faux water feature is a large mirror that has a water texture to it, and on the bottom are rocks to help create a serene and calming space. The chair that is in the treatment is an adjustable and reclining medical grade chair, to accommodate a wheelchair. This space also has anti-microbial flooring to help with any germs or any other cleaning reasons. 


*Auto CAD Elevations done by me



​City: Pheonix

State: Arizona


  •  Centralized gym facilities

  • Amphitheater within green area for showings and gatherings

  • Community center used for games and outdoor gatherings

Type of Living

  •  Community access to gym

  • Within walking distance to shops and restaurants

  • Green Area with walking path, playground, and small water feature

Level of Healthcare

  •  At home nurse/caretaker for residents

  • Nurses stations/Heath Center for resident access

Universal Attributes Coded Plan
Universal Design Attributes Color Key

Universal Design Coded Plan

*Auto CAD Floor plan done by me

Bubble Diagram

Bubble Diagrams

Universal Prototypicals.jpg


Criteria Matrix

Criteria Matrix

Universal Diagram.jpg

Concept Diagram

Universal Design Living Laboratory.jpg



  • No Thresholds

  • Non-Slip and Matte Flooring

  • Smooth Transitions Between Flooring

  • Raised Front Load Washer/Dryer

  • Knee Space Under Sinks and Stove Top

  • Decorative Grab Bars

  • Large Ledge on Tub

Inspo 1.jpg
Inspo 2.jpg
Vasey Residence.jpg



  •  No Thresholds Throughout

  • Open Floor Plan

  • Curb-less Shower

  • Open Knee Space at Sinks

  • Lever Handles

  • Lowered Windows

  • Full Extensions Drawers

Inspo 4.jpg
Inspo 3.jpg

Inspiration Images


*Posters done by me in Indesign

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